Types of errors to look out for in a credit report


Credit reports play a crucial role in determining a person’s credit score. Careful examination is crucial to ensure there are no errors. It is estimated that about 20% of people find different types of errors in their reports. To know what to look out for, it is vital to know the errors likely to be present. Most errors warrant filing a credit dispute to rectify the credit score.
Here are three types of errors to look out for in a credit report.

Outdated information

Some credit bureaus view automatically removing outdated data from reports as inappropriate. In most cases, failure to remove outdated information severely affects the credit score negatively. Check whether the data presented is within the reporting legal deadline of seven years.

Identity errors
These errors revolve around personal information such as the name, social security number, address and number. Confirm that the details are rightfully yours. It is common to find information belonging to an individual with a similar name mixed up. In other cases, it might be a result of identity theft.

Errors in balance
The errors in balance include inaccurate figures on the current balance, payment status, and credit limit. These errors not only affect the credit score but also employment opportunities and the insurance rates.


The above are some common errors in a credit report. It is advisable to regularly request credit records so as to quickly identify the errors. It not only makes rectifying easy but saves time when applying for credit.

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